Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Awards

I am so tickeled I received 2 new awards all in the same day and wow didn't even know you could get awards for things you love to do. I think if I read it correctly there are rules to the awards so with that said here is the rules for the above awesome award.

I received this award from Hutchsbaby at Plese go visit her blog she has some wonderful things on it.

Thank you so much Hutch for giving me my first award!

The rules say to please award those that give their time so freely for others enjoyment so selflessly. For the Generous Design award my choices are below

For the Generous Designer Award My choices are below

My second award was given to me by Please go visit her blog she has some wonderful things that she offers as well. The rules of this blog state as follows:

The rules of this one is to say 7 things that we love and then pass it on.....7 things that I love :
1. The lord
2. My husband of 21 years
3. My Daughter who is 18.
4. My mother and father who are with the lord
5. My only brother Rocky who is an artist for a living.
6. PSP its my knitting and stress away from reality
7. Being an instructor in a PSP group that teach everything about PSP and HTML.

For the Kreativ Blogger Award My choices are below

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